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Boutique PUUR

5020 Salzburg • 5020 Salzburg
Klampferergasse 4 [Alter Markt]
T/F: +43 (0)662 844072


PUUR – The Essence of Fashion
The Essence of Fashion



With the novel PUUR boutique concept, Mira Dworschak gives a clear response to all tendencies in the uniformity of fashion.


PUUR, founded in Salzburg in 2009, proves that fashionable individuality is possible – and fun.

The opposite of PUUR: cheap, off the rack.
PUUR says: Yes, there is a personal fashionable identity for every woman! Mira Dworschak: "I do not regard fashion as a throwaway product which you buy cheap and then – because of its lack of fashionable substance – find boring after a few days. Fashion needs to surprise, it has to rebel against the mainstream and boredom in its design and its patterns!"

Little surprise then that PUUR exclusively offers brands and collections with a special, individual statement.

PUUR – The Essence of Fashion.


Dworschak & Partner KG - 5020 Salzburg - Österreich - Linzer Bundesstraße 10 - T: +43/(0)662/651 651-36 - Fax: +43/(0)662/651 651-30 -